About the project

Józef Szajna’s Virtual Archive was brought into being at the initiative of the Theatre Documentation Studio of the Theatre Institute on the occasion of the artist’s 100th birth anniversary on 13 March 2022. The main purpose of the project was to digitalise, arrange and present Józef Szajna’s works as a theatre director, set designer, scriptwriter, painter, creator of graphics, theorist, pedagogue and managing director of a theatre.

Józef Szajna’s Virtual Archive comprises the documentation of all kinds of his versatile activities, not only in the area of theatre (photographs, reviews, posters and theatre programmes), but also fine arts (collages, assemblages, drawings and sculptures), as well as his theoretical works. So far unknown and unpublished works can also be found in the Virtual Archive, thanks to the artist’s heirs, whereas a wide selection of works has been created due to collaboration with institutions that are in possession of rich collections of costume and set designs by Józef Szajna.

The collections of the Virtual Archive will be expanded from 2022 to 2024. At this stage, users will have access to audiovisual documentation and materials covering his works were perceived abroad. It will present Józef Szajna not only as an artist, but also as the managing director of a theatre.



edition, co-ordination: Monika Żytkowiak

edition, UX design: Katarzyna Urbaniak

graphic design, UI design: Adam Głowacki

web development: BM Piotr Bryczkowski

editorial co-operation: Monika Krawul

coordinator’s assistant: Igor Tokarzewski

photographs of works of art: Bartek Warzecha, Przemysław Pypeć

digitization of archival materials: skanowanie.pl

professional tutelage: dr Mateusz Żurawski

organiser: Instytut Teatralny im. Zbigniewa Raszewskiego w Warszawie





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